Muscle Wellness Clinic specialises in the treatment of chronic pain. 

Louise has a Diploma In Remedial Massage 2006, Certificate IV in Massage 2006 and is a Certified Specialist – Certified Remedial Therapist  

Your treatment will be tailored for your muscle needs and may include, but not limited to; assessments, corrective exercises and stretches.

Initial Appointment

At your initial appointment your musculoskeletal history is taken and discussed. Thorough musculoskeletal assessments are performed.

Individual treatment is provided for you.
An individual home muscle activation programme is designed for you.

Your initial appointment will take approximately 60 minutes.

❖ Health Fund Rebates Available

Follow Up Appointment

At your follow up appointment there is a consultation to discuss your progress with your muscle issues.

Musculoskeletal assessments are performed and individual treatment is provided.

An individual home muscle activation programme is designed for you.

Follow up appointments will take approximately 30 minutes.

❖ Health Fund Rebates Available

Extended Appointment

An extended appointment is the same as a Follow Up Appointment but
you may like to extend your Muscle Wellness Therapy to include massage.

This massage is not performed as a traditional Remedial Massage with the use of oil but done through your clothing. This massage uses kneading, pressing, soothing, and stretching techniques and is performed without oils through the clients clothing.

❖ Health Fund Rebates Available

Initial Appointment

$ 130

Approximately 60 minutes


Follow Up Appointment

$ 70

Approximately 30 minutes


Extended Appointment

$ 100

Approximately 60 minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens Upon Arrival?

Your therapist will ask you a series of questions relating to your muscle pain. Your therapist will then explain what to expect through your treatment.

You will have been asked to complete an online client intake form. If this form has not been completed you will need to complete a hardcopy in the clinic.

Your therapist will go through your completed paperwork and discuss any questions that you have at this stage.

What Happens When Treatment Starts?

You are to remain fully clothed with only your shoes removed and you may keep your socks on. If you are wearing a thick coat or jumper you may be asked to remove that.

What Should I Wear?

Exercise clothes are a great choice to wear for your Muscle Wellness Therapy. Otherwise two part clothing is best to wear such as shorts and t-shirt.

Are The Exercises Difficult?

No. The treatment exercises are very simple and gentle. Our aim is to only have the targeted muscles contract. Though the exercises and stretches are very technique specific but clear instructions will be given to you at your appointment.

Do I Need Equipment for my Home Exercises?

You may need some blocks to assist with your exercises which are available from our clinic. Small spacer block is $5 and large alignment block is $15.

Will The Treatment Be Painful?

No. Muscle Wellness Therapy is a gentle non evasive treatment. There may be a little discomfort when your therapist assesses your hips if there is a dysfunction of your hips, but it is only for a very brief moment.

Is Muscle Wellness Therapy Suitable for Children?

Yes. Muscle Wellness Therapy is suitable for the whole family.

Will I Be In Pain Following My Treatment?

You may experience some mild to nasty muscle discomfort. This is dependant on the individual as no two people are the same. If you do feel some discomfort it is only temporary and may last a few hours to a few days. The important thing is to continue with your prescribed treatment.

When Will I Feel Better?
Most clients feel an immediate improvement after their first appointment. In most cases clients feel a massive improvement after the first week and continue to improve with subsequent appointments.
Is There Parking?

Yes, you are welcome to park in our driveway or there is plenty of street parking.

What Are The Payment Options?

Cash and EFTPOS facilities are available. HiCaps available for Private Health fund Rebates.