Many people asked why I became a Massage Therapist and I really think it was a calling. I always loved to help people even when I was a little girl. I certainly always enjoyed receiving massages. In 2006 I decided to take the leap and enrol in full time study with the Australian Institute of Applied Science for a Diploma of Remedial Massage. One of two people graduating with Dux of the year I was excited to start my journey of helping people ease their muscle pain.

The following year after graduating, I gave birth to our first and only son.

Following the birth of our son I starting experiencing my own muscle pains. These muscle pains were something I had not experienced before and I received little relief from various treatments I received.

The pain would effect one part of my body and then move to another part. The pain became debilitating and I was seeking help from my doctor.

I received Cortisone injection with no change to my pain levels. Was sent to medical specialist with no change to my pain levels. Of course I was seeking treatment from other Remedial Massage Therapist with no change to my pain levels.

I continued with my professional education studies and various treatments I gave myself which gave me some relief and sometimes even totally relieved the pain I was feeling at the time but then the pain would move to another part of my body and I would experience different symptoms.

When treating others and myself I was constantly thinking there had to be more to relieving muscle pain than massage. I continued seeking further education for the treatment of muscle pain and tried to concentrate on non massage techniques. Combining learned techniques and techniques that I have trialled on myself, I have found a treatment that is very effective in relieving muscle pain.

With my Muscle Wellness Therapy I have been able to relieve myself of chronic debilitating muscle pain. I have also been able to assist my clients in my Brisbane Clinic with these self help techniques to relieve their pain.

For those suffering from chronic pain, I understand how it feels and hope to work with you to ease your pain.