Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from Chronic Pain? Many common painful conditions can quickly and painlessly be resolved with Muscle Wellness Therapy.

Welcome to your Muscle Wellness Clinic that specialises in treating Chronic Pain through muscle wellness therapy. This therapy is also known to improve posture, sleep, gait, energy and a feeling of wellbeing.

Have you been putting up with muscle pain? Have you had scans/x-rays and there is no apparent reason for your pain?

Pain is your body’s way of telling you there is an underlying dysfunction that has not been addressed. You may have had various treatments for your muscle pain that have had little to no results in relieving your pain condition. Traditionally therapist will treat the symptoms and not the cause. 

Your therapist at the Muscle Wellness Clinic will perform various assessments to see what could be causing your pain. You may not be aware that many common painful conditions can quickly and painlessly be resolved with Muscle Wellness Therapy.

At the Muscle Wellness Clinic it is our aim to locate the source of your pain so we can correct your dysfunction and resolve your pain issues effectively and efficiently.

When structural stress is the cause of pain, the only way to alleviate the pain is to correct the structure. Often pain shows up far away from its cause and that is why structural analysis is essential. If structure is not corrected and put in balance, every other method of treatment is simply not addressing the cause.

Muscle Wellness Therapy may enhance athletic performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. Muscle Wellness Therapy is known to improve posture, sleep, gait, energy and a feeling of wellbeing.

Muscle Wellness Therapy incorporates self treatment so you can recover quickly and save money on treatments. Once your original pain issues have been corrected it is recommended you have follow up maintenance appointments every two months to prevent any pain returning.

Muscle Wellness Therapy is a non invasive treatment that treats the whole body.

Where you are feeling pain may only be a symptom of a dysfunction somewhere else in your body. Without carrying out assessments to find these dysfunctions a therapist is only guessing.

With Muscle Wellness Therapy various assessments are carried out to ascertain any dysfunction that may be causing you pain. Once these dysfunctions are determined a series of exercises, stretches and various techniques are performed.

If these dysfunctions are corrected in the clinic it is then up to the client to continue with the prescribed exercises and stretches at home. These prescribed exercises and stretches are minimal and should only take a few minutes a day. Clear information is given for these self help exercises and stretches for the client to take home.

When a client first starts the Muscle Wellness Therapy treatment it will usually take some weekly appointments.

The initial appointment takes approximately an hour and subsequent appointments usually take about 30 minutes. How many appointments it takes to make the client feel well is usually dependant upon how dedicated the client is in doing their prescribed home treatment.

If the client is dedicated to helping themselves solve their muscle pain the amount of appointments when first starting Muscle Wellness Therapy usually takes between 1-6 appointments. It is recommended clients then have a maintenance appointment every two months to prevent any muscle pain returning.

Muscle Wellness Therapy treats, and is not limited to:

Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Plantar Fascitis

Tennis/Golfers Elbow

Headaches& Migraines



Knee, Hip & Ankle Pain

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Severs Disease

Vertigo, Dizziness & Meniere’s Disease

Nice Words from Clients

I have been seeing Louise in her practice for about 12 months. I turned to Louise for help with lower back pain. On my first visit, Louise picked up that my hips were out of alignment and went to work with a program to rectify the issue with in-clinic treatment and an exercise management plan for maintenance. I am happy to say that, apart from Louise being the only practitioner I have seen over the years that actually diagnosed my problem, I’m convinced the treatment plan that Louise has continued with has improved my lower back issues to the point where I no longer use a heat pack for pain management, but also a recent MRI scan has seen improvement in my spine health. On a personal level, I find Louise to be extremely caring and easy going, as well as having a professional approach at all times.

Jennifer Smith (Retired Finance Officer)

"I would like to recommend Louise Mather for her Muscle Wellness Therapy program" For several months in 2021 I was having significant knee issues and neither minor surgery or physiotherapy was providing any relief. I put my faith in Louise who encouraged me to follow the exercises she recommended at our sessions and to participate in our in-session therapy. I am delighted with the results - my knee is significantly improved and I am actually reducing reliance on medication for long-term nerve damage. Louise is so passionate about helping people like me and is very skilled at what she does, so I encourage anyone seeking relief from pain to contact Louise."


"I have been seeing Louise for treatment on my Left Hip for approximately 4yrs. Previously I was seeing a Chiropractor for many years but I still had the recurrent Left Hip & Left Leg thigh pain, which sometimes hindered my walking. Louise has addressed my problems, using Muscle Wellness Therapy and I continue to do my prescribed daily exercises. This treatment has really helped my condition. As a retired nurse I appreciate Louise's high level of professionalism & can highly recommend her.

Ann Ascough (Retired Nurse)

The treatment that Louise has provided me rectified my muscle problem. The exercises are gentle and targeted to my muscle issue and achieved a great result. I found Louise very easy to talk to about my issues and her understanding of my problem achieved the right results. I will continue with Louise to maintain my body and muscle health.”


“It works! The muscle wellness therapy keeps me mobile and pain free. After 15 years of persistent headaches despite various treatments and constant pain medication I now lead an active headache and medication free life. Louise is calm professional and an excellent caregiver. I highly recommend her to provide muscle wellness therapy.”

Sue-Jane Leckie (Midwife)